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Sigil 0.3

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Sigil – Free e-book editor with open source file format .epub.

If you need to create or edit editor .epub e-book, you can do worse than Sigil. It is clean, clear and, most importantly, free ddimcais that will allow you to import and edit e-book format txt, html and .epub and .epub exchange rate for exports.

Even if you change the first eBook Sigil will not give any problem. various rhyngwynebtabs – ‘it is only reasonable estimate of UC,with berbezajenis, including code review, book browser, test results and, of course, WYSIWYG view, so you know how it will look like the final product.

In technical terms, the number is reasonable to facilitate editing large SigilNodweddion. It contains a table editor (TOC), and HTML validation function very well right .epub. Despite the fact that there are e-books editor with many features, not all of them use ddymunoli’w. If you dovolnyOsnovnoysetfungsi your ePub editor, Sigil – this is for you.

Sigil – creator of the GPL and ePub converter that will allow you to create great e-book in a short time.

Sigil support canlynolfformatau


Sigil 0.3

  1. Sigil 0.3 x86 x64 free download

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